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Rhino Architecture Design Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced 2024

Lecturers: RhinoArchSchool team


V-Ray for Rhino Rendering Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced 2024

Lecturers: RhinoArchSchool team


Grasshopper Architecture Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced 2024

Lecturers: RhinoArchSchool team

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About Us

Our Rhino/V-Ray/Grasshopper courses will take you through the basic principles of each program, right through to advanced level tutorials where you can apply your new skill set to your own projects. All the courses are set out in an easy to understand systematic way.

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Our student feedback

This course helped me out a lot, the structure of each chapter made it easy for me to find specific tutorials that I could use towards my second year University project.
Kevin Bradford
Massachusetts, USA
I used the basic interface tutorials during my first year of Uni in 2020, I found myself coming back even after learning the basics, the case studies became very useful to help me further expand my Rhino knowledge in my second year.
Sasha Lee
Sydney, Australia
Thankful for what they prepared for us, I have gone through the whole course and I'm going to watch it again to do more practice. It's very easy to understand with clear instructions.
Dai Tanaka
Sendai, Japan
The tutorials were very helpful, easy to choose any video for a particular skill I wanted to learn, highly recommended.
Amelia J. Davies
London, UK

Lucile Fernandez

Rated 5 out of 5

I always wanted to do realistic renders, I searched the internet for an online course to do that for a long time until I found the RhinoArchSchool. I liked their tutorial structure so I decided to take the course online. It increased my ability to understand vray, edit the camera settings due to the scene conditions, how to set the final render settings, overall I liked the course, I just wanted more detailed information for positioning the camera for interior and exterior shots to be like real estate photos. so thank you so much, and also the customer service was great, thanks a lot.

Vray for Rhino Rendering Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced 2021 / 1 year

Eric P Melbardis

Rated 5 out of 5

I am an architecture student and wished to learn the basics of Grasshopper after learning Rhino.
This course is a really great platform to gain knowledge of some of the most important aspects of Grasshopper.
Really helpful and I will definitely check up further courses at this website.
Thank You

Grasshopper Architecture Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced 2021 / 1 year

Emmanuel Fesselier

Rated 5 out of 5

This grasshopper tutorial is a good course for those who want to start using grasshopper (like me), however, you need a lot of practice to explore what each component does, but I am satisfied with this course in terms of understanding how the parametric modelling works, it takes time to strengthen your maths logic, but I can continue by self-exploring shape forms or even manipulating scripts made by someone else. Many thanks to the rhinoarchschool team.

Grasshopper Architecture Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced 2021 / 1 year

Penélope N. Martínez

Rated 5 out of 5

Very clean and understandable even to a first-time user! Well done and thank you.

Rhino Architecture Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced / 1 year

Mazen Shehab

Rated 5 out of 5

This Vray tutorial helped me systematize and enlarge the knowledge I already had. Now my workflow is more effective, every step is more logical and efficient. With this course, I can save my time and make renders more accurate and beautiful. And also their stuff is very good, answers to questions are fast and precise. I’m glad I was learning a course here at RhinoArchSchool.

Vray for Rhino Rendering Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced / 1 year

Meet Our Lecturers


Senior Partner 

MArch (prof) – The University of Auckland

BAS – The University of Auckland

Shang Li (Shang Shang)


BS Arch (Bachelor of Science in Architecture) – University of Massachusetts Amherst

George Qiao​


MArch (Prof) – The University of Toronto

BAS – The University of Auckland

Anna Abadi


MArch (Prof) – The University of Sydney

BAS – The University of Sydney

Jackie Smith


BAS – University of Melbourne

Our Mission

RhinoArchSchool provides a unique and flexible learning experience for people who want to jump in and get started in Rhino, Grasshopper, V-Ray and more architectural software, the right way. We do not overcomplicate this process with unnecessarily long and boring videos, instead delivering a simple, systematic and straightforward experience so that you are able to learn the skills you require fast and effectively.