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To learn about our wonderful world of architecture

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These Rhino/Vray/Grasshopper courses will take you from the basic principles of each program, right through to advanced tutorials where you can apply your new skill set to your own practical projects. All the courses are set out in an easy systematic way.

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Rhino modeling is a very important skill that every architecture student and those who engaged in the architecture industry should have, and almost everyone has been lost in 3D modeling software, we were one of them. At that time we found most of the Rhino online tutorial videos on the internet are assume free courses but in fact, the tutorials videos are messy and incomplete, which increased a lot of difficulties during our learning process. Rhino is more complex than other 3D modeling software but more advanced, barely has a tutorial can teach you from the first command to the end. So we figured out a way to solve this problem, came up with a complete system of learning, teach students commands one step at a time, no more confusion and achieve the score as soon as possible.

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What Our Student Say

This course helped me a lot! I'm a Year 2 university student now and I am learning rhino here, it makes my presentations better! I have introduced this course to my friends, hopefully, this can help them too.​
Kelvin Black
From Dallas, USA
The whole course is well organized. This is the best course I have ever seen to teach rhino modeling!

Zasha Swan
From Australia
Thanks for what they prepared for us, I have gone through the whole course and I'm gonna watch it again to do more practice. It's very interesting and understandable.
Frank Jones
From Japan
Easy learning. Just follow the video step by step. I love it.

Jack Brownn
From London, UK

Noha Osman

Rated 5 out of 5

When I graduated as an Interior Designer I’ve made much research for doing photorealistic render, and absolutely nothing worked properly. The RhinoArchSchool has the best VRay tutorials you will ever learn to reach for the desired result, with very easy & simple steps directly to the point.

Vray for Rhino Rendering Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced

Andrew Johns

Rated 5 out of 5

I greatly recommend this rhino course. The instructor is very clear in his explanations, he explains the key aspects in order to understand rhino programs, including the most essential commands in order to model. In just a manner of hours, you really learn how to use rhino in a successful way!

Rhino Architecture Design Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced

Fer Rangel

Rated 5 out of 5

The course represents a challenge, the way you observe and understand the volumes and the environment change doesn’t matter how senior you are in your field . I enjoyed all the steps , it is a complete course. I would like to find more updated contents regarding new vray versions , also would be a nice internal contest with a specific subject . In general It was an amazing opportunity to improve my professional learning.

Vray for Rhino Rendering Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced

Israa Zaki El-Mihy

Rated 5 out of 5

Thanks a lot to the vray course and the Rhinoarchschool Team… it’s been years that i have been trying to apply photography to my work and this tutorial is the solution. again THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!

All Access Membership

Iulian Arbanas

Rated 4 out of 5

When I saw photorealistic rendering on the internet, I was asking myself how they did it. The programs we used were the same, our rendering engines were the same, but the results were completely different. Again one day I saw an ad on the internet for the Rhinoarchschool vray course and I watched the free lesson. I signed up for the course as soon as the free lesson finished! First of all, this course makes the complex path in your mind a smooth highway. It teaches you the job and in what order to do it. After that, it all depends on your imagination. With this course you can have a really valid profession. Many thanks to the entire Rhinoarchschool team.

Vray for Rhino Rendering Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced

Meet Our Lead Instructors

Shay klaassen

Senior Partner 

M.arch (prof) in the Uni of Sydney

B.arch in Uni of Auckland

George Qiao​


M.arch (prof) in the Uni of Toronto/ Melbourne

Jackie Smith


M.arch (prof) in the Uni of Sydney

Chris Parker


B.arch in Uni of Columbia 

M.arch (pro) in the Uni of Sydney

Shang Shang


M.arch (prof) in the Columbia University

Assistant of Famous Architect  Ieoh Ming Pei