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Become a contributor

Our Requirements

  • Proficient in one of these software: 
  • Your work needs to be expressive and patient
  • Your work needs to be logical
  • Your work needs to have a good credibility and execution


Please send us your CV and work through Email!

Become a tutor

Our Requirement

  • Graduated from a well-known university’s architecture/landscape/urban design/interior/user experience/service design/visual communication faculty
  • Have teaching experience (Preferable Requirements)
  • Have design firm, design consulting company, Internet company and other practical experience (Preferable Requirements)
  • Have experience of independent design projects 
  • Have great enthusiasm for spreading knowledge and interested in online design education

Teaching Course

Application Form

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1 thought on “Become a Teacher”

  1. All courses are very organized and cover all aspects of the software. I can find all the tutorials that a student needed here.
    Proper introductions, the background of Rhino, planning a model, step by step progression stages, and awesome exercises to practice each tool for certain architectures modeling tasks.
    Very good and logical approach on how to explain and teach each tool, modeling, rendering process, and the thinking behind it.
    I highly recommend these courses for total beginners, advanced architecture students, or experienced pros who want to get better and for experienced designers because these courses perfectly work as an encyclopedia for Rhino3D, VRay, and Grasshopper.
    Thank you RhinoArchSchool!

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