Rhino Architecture Design Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced 2022

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Whether you’re a new architecture student looking to learn rhino or an experienced pro, this course is set out in a systematic structure to help you learn rhino quickly and efficiently. This course will help you to master the basics of rhino curves and surfaces, right through to advanced organic, fluid modeling with SubD tools and everything in between. Using the newest tools available in Rhino 7, the courses are constantly updated with any new features that become available. You’ll be able to apply your new skill set to your own projects and practical work. That is the value of learning this course!

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Software required: Free trial (or full) version of Rhino

Brief Course Introduction

Section 1 - Warm Up Lessons

Color display modes setting: Rhino’s initial display effect is not ideal. We will show you how to customize the interface to allow for a more effecient design process or simply just to make modeling more fun!

Section 2 - Background and Commends

Basic command introduction: Become familiar with the Rhino interface, through some interesting cases, to learn, so that command learning is no longer boring.

Consolidate the basic commands to make a small case of curve rhythm.

Section 3 - Principles and techniques of surface modeling tools

This part will introduce working principle of the initial origin of the curve and surface modeling tools in a detailed manner. The BIG towers, möbius strip, bird’s nest, water cube, the expo aviation pavilion, the pavilion building case to introduce surface modeling tools such as common but little-known architectural modeling skills and experience, By using this as a case study we will learn how use surface modeling tools and have a rational understanding.

Surface creation tools learning with famous designs, with interesting outcomes.

Turning Torso, Absolute World, Dubai Towers Dubai)

From möbius strip to bubble towers

By mastering more skills of rhinos, we can learn and use them to create different design

Olympic statium Cases study:

How to make steel frame structure and thin film skin.

Curved surface straightening(world exxpo building): 

Curved surface straightening, based on building materials, technology, and cost considerations, This will show how to transform curved surface modeling into “straight flat” modeling elements. And how to design partition uniform and non-uniform block surfaces (curved glass is difficult to manufacture).

How to make a rotating building(Denmark Pavilion at world expo by BIG): 

How to do a rotating building in different ways.

How to make more rigorous terrain and free-form terrain:

As an architecture student or architect, are you still struggling with modeling terrain?  We provide a vareity of terrain making methods. Using simulation manual terrain, rendering free terrain, and how to produce laser cut terrain steps are all explained.

Section 4 - Famous and classic cases training

Practice gives real knowledge, in practice you can use modeling tools of various techniques, accumulate their own modeling experience, in these comprehensive cases, you will not only be satisfied with learning a variety of curved surface modeling techniques, but also can understand the technical difficulties.

Fluid Organic cases study (stage1)

Starting from logic, understand the logic of the formation of fluid organic form, analyze the logic of the curve, understand and try to make your own case by imitating the case of well-known architects。

Wood Sulpture Museum by Mad Architects

Water Towers and Scala Tower by BIG

New Amsterdam Pavilion by UNStudio

Fluid Organic cases study advanced (stage2)

By learning complex curve cases, complex surface modeling cases, comprehensive cases, fully grasp ALL the features of Rhino.

Centre Pompidou-Metz by Shigeru Ban

Metropol Parasol by J Mayer H, Waffle wooden Structure

Absolute Towers by MAD Architects

(As you can see, we’re not just teaching you how to do this model, we’re teaching you the logic and principles . The same goes for other cases.)

Dubai Financial Market by Zaha Hadid Architects 

Dubai financial market belongs to the bionic design, like a beautiful blossom petal. This shows how to make the facade as a complete whole (a complete NURBS surface, and do the entrance facade more inclined, other surfaces according to the entrance to the tilting parameters corresponding Angle, and how to make the highlights and the top perfect G2 continuous construction).

 Tek by BIG (To show how to build seies of contor building modeling method).

Jesolo Magica by Zaha Hadid

The design of the Jesolo MAGICA retail and business center takes full advantage of the site’s proximity to Venice, a continuous architectural site made up of several parts, separated from each other but unified in spatial logic with changing effects.

Chanel Mobile Art Pavilion by Zaha Hadid Architects (Modeling design idea)

And we finish this course with a simple command.

Grasshopper Trailer

How to use Grasshopper to control modeling,  slicing method in Grasshopper.

Building facade case studies practice

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Introduction Content

Section One: Warm Up And Peview Lessons
Section Two: Rhino Basic Interface And Commands
Section Three: Build Organic, Fluid, Amazing Shapes In Rhino
Section Four: Space Curve Drawing And Modeling Exercises
Section Five: Well-Known Classic Building Case Eexercises (Beginner to Intermedite level)
Section Six: Well-Known Classic Building Case Eexercises (Advanced Level)