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(2020) Lesson15. Coming soon
(2020/09/20) Lesson14. National Library in Astana (Part1)
(2020/09/14) Lesson13. National Library in Astana (Part2)
(2020/09/07) Lesson12. National Library in Astana (Part3)
(2020/07/14)Lesson11. How to make fluid Squre Pipe Roof - Santiago Calatrava
(2020/07/05)Lesson10. How to build parametric wave shape
(2020/06/27) Lesson9. Rhino Grasshopper丨Twisted louvers facade (define new domain) Part B
(2020/06/25) Lesson8. Rhino Grasshopper丨Twisted louvers facade (define new domain) Part A
(2020/06/21) Lesson7. Rhino grasshopper | how to build cube cutting surface facade (advanced)
(2020/06/15) Lesson6. Grasshopper Architecture | How to Build Cube Cutting Surface Facade


(2020/06/13) Lesson5. Rhino Grasshopper architecture - Curve interference
(2020/06/08) Lesson4. Rhino Grasshopper architecture - how to draw floors(Divide floors)
(2020/06/02) Lesson3. Rhino grasshopper basic knowledge of geometry calculators
(2020/05/27) Lesson2. Rhino grasshopper architecture - Modeling Vadeggio Cassarate
(2020/05/20) Lesson1. rhino grasshoper architecture - How to devide curve
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  2. How to draw different types of diagrams. (e.g. Master plan, Architecture Detail Drawings, Architecture Sections)
  3. Some interesting architectural news.
  4. Newest knowledge that relate to Architecture.
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