V-Ray for Rhino Rendering Tutorials from Beginner to Advanced 2024

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This tutorial series will take you through a comprehensive guide to rendering using V-Ray. Starting off by teaching you the basics of rendering from series of V-Ray knowledge to recreating the famous Farnsworth House designed by Mies van der Rohe and other famous projects, you will learn how to properly detail and add materials to the model to prepare it for rendering. And then how to use the V-Ray asset editor to set up your document and import it to Photoshop to edit the image to perfection.

Then later in the series, we will go over advanced rendering techniques to render commercial projects, interiors, and much more. The course is regularly updated!

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Software required: Free trial (or full) version of VRay and Rhino

Brief Course Introduction

Chapter 1 - Vray Basics

Learn the basic knowledge of V-Ray: V-Ray as default engine render and Vray camera, How to use VRay editor, settings, progressive method, V-Ray sun & camera, V-Ray lights, light hierarchy, frame buffer, IES light, V-Ray Materials, V-Ray HDRI and color mapping.

Chapter 4: Delicate Room Lighting & Materials

Lesson 20. Delicate Room Lighting Setup

Lesson 21. Create Curtain Material  

Lesson 22. Create Carpet Material 

Lesson 23.  Post Processing – Delicate Room


Chapter 5 : Evening House Render

Lesson24. Primary, Secondary, and  Dome lighting setup

Lesson25. Emissive Materials 

Lesson26. Material application

Lesson27. Water and Pool Materials

Lesson28. Ambient Occlusion Setup


CHAPTER6: Outdoor Photographic Scene

Chapter 7: Natural Interior

The Famous Archtiecture Project Practice 1:
Mies van der Rohe Farnsworth House

Section 1 - Prepare model for render

Detailing model to prepare for rendering: This section shows you how to prepare your model for rendering by creating a landscape using trees, grass, foliage and leaves. As well as using HDRI’s to create the sky.

Section 2 - VRay Asset Editor

Asset Editor introduction: This part of the course covers how to use the assest editor to setup your document for the render, using Render output settings, Camera adjustment, Material I.D. etc.

Section 3 - Photoshop

Basics of Photoshop render adjustment: This course covers the basic features of adjusting your render using Adobe Photoshop.

VRay Case Study tutorials coming (Updated Weekly)

More tutorials will be updated shortly covering additional rendering techniques such as; interior rendering, advanced techniques, specific features etc.

When you buy the course, you can download the course materials. Welcome to join us and render your miracle!

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Introduction Content

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Chapter 1: Warm Up And Peview Lessons
Chapter 2: Modern Interior Basics
Chapter 3: Reflections & Mapping
Chapter 4: Delicate Room Lighting & Materials
Chapter 5: Evening House Render
CHAPTER6: Outdoor Photographic Scene
Chapter 7: Natural Interior
Chapter 8: VRay Next Features
Chapter 9: Famous Architecture Cases (Prepare Model and Vray Setting for Rendering)
Chapter 10: Adobe Photoshop