How to use Rhino to export a render quickly


In this topic, we introduce the bullet of fast rendering: plain model rendering + material collage. In combination with the Vray, many partners who use rhino can also draw drawings more quickly and economically.

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Model preparation

Because we use the method of plain rendering for drawing, we don't need to add detailed materials to the model part in the early stage, but in order to facilitate the subsequent material collage, we still need to give simple color to the architectural elements with different materials, so the generated material ID can greatly speed up the speed of our later drawing
Don't forget to set your default rendering to Vray.

Open VrayEditor.

If you have formed a good habit of layer setting in the Rhino modeling process, and each material has a separate layer, this step can be completed very quickly. After setting several basic colors in Vray material manager, you can directly right-click 'apply material to layer' to complete the color assignment of different building elements.

640.webp (34).jpg

After that, we just need to select the camera point in the model, adjust the camera lens length, and save the corresponding view in the named view, then we can go to the next step (rhino camera position and lens length can be modified in property - camera)

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Base map export

For this kind of 'plain model rendering + material collage' fast drawing, we only need three kinds of the base image, AO Channel, line work, and Material ID. Unlike Vray 2.0, which uses material coverage, light adjustment, and other methods to render Ao images, for Vray version 3.4, you can directly render the Ao channel map without any previous adjustment. Enter Vray settings panel, right-click render element to add material ID channel and ExtraTeX channel.

640.webp (75).jpg

After that, we just need to get the right scale of the view in render output, adjust the size of the plot, and then we can click render and waiting for the result!

640.webp (78).jpg..........

After a few minutes of rendering, we can get a separate AO channel base image and a material ID channel base image for our Rhino model. Because there is no specific material assignment involved, even a large rhino scene can be rendered very quickly. (to generate a separate AO channel through ExtraTeX, on the one hand, we do not need to adjust the material and light during the rendering process, on the other hand, the separate AO channel is also very convenient for us to modify in PS later, so it is recommended that we use this method for drawing more.)

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However, after the rendering is completed, I believe that some of you will also notice a problem, because we use the plain model rendering, and the translucent property of the glass breast board can not be reflected in the rendering, which leads to the information that can be seen through the glass is hidden. Therefore, for this kind of drawing rendering which needs to show the architectural information behind the glass, we render the AO channel and corresponding material channels need to be rendered twice. One is as described above, It is convenient for us to select glass materials in PS later. During the second rendering, all-glass parts should be hidden so that the AO image can show the model information behind the glass.

640.webp (81).jpg

And then just click print to export a in scale line draft.

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I will teach you how to use Ps to do the collage for this render, see you next week!



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